Urban Word Magazine

The Focus:  The best in unknown and indie Spoken Word, Urban Fiction, and Underground Music.

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The Mission:  To show the world what Lake County has to offer the world both artistically, and musically.

Spoken Word is a style of entertainment involving performance-based poetry that primarily focuses on the aesthetics of word play and story-telling. It often includes collaboration and experimentation with other art forms such as music, theater, and dance. Performers may weave in poetic components-such as rhyme, repetition, rhythm, improvisation, and other traditional elements of poetry.

The focus of Urban Word Magazine will be to feature the work of 2-3 artists per issue and delve into the subject of what defines them as a spoken word artist.

–previously published work will be considered.

–each artist can submit at least 5 poems.

–rights to work will revert back to the original author upon publication.

–work should be single spaced in a readable font:  Times New Roman 12pt.

—all work should be attached and sent via email to in .doc or .docx format.

–if you have any video of your performances let us know.  We would be happy to post it at

–Go ahead.  Express yourself.  Tell us your story in verse.  It doesn’t have to rhyme.  (Free Verse is highly acceptable).  But it does have to be your original work.

Urban Fiction also known as street lit is a literary genre set, as the name implies, in a city landscape; however, the genre is as much defined by the socio-economic realities and culture of its characters as the urban setting. The tone for urban fiction is usually dark, focusing on the underside of city living.

The focus of Urban Word Magazine will be to showcase established as well as up and coming Urban Fiction authors.  At least two authors per issue, can showcase their own work in our publication per issue.

—2-3 chapters from a soon to be published novel or already published novel.

—For the Author interview questions answered by the author about their work and experience as a writer.

—rights to work will revert back to the author upon publication

—work should be doubled spaced, and in a readable font: TIMES NEW ROMAN 12pt.

—all work should be attached and sent via email to in .doc or .docx format.

–Once again, express yourself.  Show us the underside of life in the streets.  But it must be your original work.

Underground Music is not to be found on mainstream television or radio.  Hip hop, R&B, Gospel, Dance, Reggae, etc.  There is a plethora of independent artist with their own sound and uncompromised style worth studying.

The focus of Urban Word Magazine is show the pulse of the music, to grab onto the new and innovative, and nurture it through exposure.

–we will interview artists

–artist will discuss themselves and their music

—artists will define their style

–they can also provide links for consumers to buy their music.

Overall the focus of the magazine is to remain positive, motivating, innovating and strictly independent.

Please send your submissions via email attachment to

NOTE:  I can’t pay anyone at this time, but maybe sometime soon in the future, I will offer a contest in which some monetary compensation is given.

There are no readers fees here (yet).  No Simultaneous submissions.  WRITERS, please let us know if your work gets accepted elsewhere.