About the Editor

Hello, my name is Jacqueline.  Welcome to Urban Word Magazine.  So what is this all about?

Well, I had an idea, and after I had the idea I had an epiphany.  The idea for Urban Word Magazine was to tap into the pulse of indie authors and music who just weren’t being heard or read in the mainstream.  As an artist on the poetic end of things, I network, a lot.  I have gotten to know quite a few artists, authors and entrepeneurs.  I wanted to know the stories behind their creations, the triumphs as well as the ups and downs.

I started interviewing and blogging people for different magazines and websites.  And then one day it hit me:  Maybe there is a yet untapped market for Spoken Word, Urban Literature, and Underground Music, and maybe I can start a publication that can  show off the talents of my contemporaries.  Now, I’ve blogged on my own before.  But, the ultimate goal of Urban Word Magazine is to be an online and print publication.

I want people to have something they can hold in their hands, and not just stare at a computer screen.  I want the work that people view here at Urban Word to be quality, on and popping–I want folks to bring the heat.

And more than that I want to be the one to give it to you.   In the coming weeks, I hope that Urban Word becomes your favorite spot on the Internet.  I hope you will walk this journey with me.305715_10150855712960096_482389599_n

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