Music Review: From The Low 2 Da Town


I’m at home, a gentle blanket of snow is falling outside.  The first one of the winter.  The phone isn’t ringing, my feet are cold– time to turn on and turn up some music to take my mind off of my immobility.

From The Low 2 Da Town  is the latest work and the  2nd collaboration of hip hop artists Smokey Da Bandit and Suave Da Lyricist.  From the Low  2 Da Town, has 17 hot tracks on it covering everything from relationships (Track 10 Love Triangle) and Black Lives Matter (Track 4 Manifesto).

Smokey Da Bandit, Sauve Da Lyricist and Empty Soulz Entertainment, have been doing this for a while, constantly grinding and paying dues.  This latest work is a culmination of years of tried by fire hard work, with real tracks that have a real message with beats that make you want to move.

Tracks like Remember When have you feeling the pain of a man who is living the reality of the that hip hop dream so many have yet to fully realize.  I’m not talking about owning franchises or clothing companies either.

Honestly with ESE and all the other talent we have in Lake County, we shouldn’t disparage one another’s hustle when they fighting for they dreams.  For some people a dream is just that, a dream and they never get above that level.  But for others who do it and have that constant never say die grind, and produce something that isn’t Bullshit– you have to either give them props or just shut up let God move for them.

Anyways, I’ll get off my soap box. Back to the music.

Smokey and Sauve have a genuine banger on they hands, and they are and have been dedicated to making the best music that they can produce and contributing to this eclectic sound that lives right here in Lake County, Illinois as well as the greater world of hip hop.

The honest essence of hip hop is found in the lyrics.  These men, these women are storytellers.  They telling your story, they telling our story.  Give From The Low 2  Da Town a chance.  Check out Track 15 Dreamin With Kings.

I’m not sleeping on anyone in Lake County’s dream.  Make your money, seize your glory.  Stay real. Do you.

You can purchase From the Low  2 The Town on iTunes, Spotify, and at the Billboard Music Store.

Or just click here.

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