Music Review: Tevin Dantrell’s ‘7’


Tevin Dantrell, independent artist straight out of Waukegan, Illinois, has come out with a banger just in time for the summer of 2017.  ‘7’–I’m listening to it right now, and reflecting.

Tevin’s lyrics are the truth and his delivery is mind blowing.  Every lyric is spit with  reality and frustration behind it.  And the feeling is palpable.

What love the most is that each individual track  offers an honest window and different perspective into the Tevin Dantrell’s life.  This young man has gone from just making music to making quality music. 7 is real hip hop that tells a real story.  Waukegan should be proud.

Lake County’s arts scene (particularly in the local hip hop community) is rife with self defeating hatred among people who do their craft well.  And it’s hard.  It’s hard not to get lost in the shuffle with all the cliques, and beefs (spoken and unspoken).  It’s all Bullshit.

In a perfect world, we would all get our time to shine.  Hell, there is enough talent in Lake County to light up a galaxy.  I believe that.  For something as innovative, creative, head nodding, emotional, and just all around great music not to be heard, is a crime and a tragedy.

Tevin Dantrell 7 on soundcloud

Purchase 7 on Itunes

So Waukegan, and readers world wide, if you like real hip hop music, and support independent artists, you better get behind this artist, Tevin Dantrell.    ‘7’ is the name of the album.  You can find it on Spotify and Tidal too.

Don’t let this music get lost in the shuffle.  Support.

This had been Jacqueline Nicole Harris with this music review.

Check out the video for “Body”, track 6, on the album ‘7’ by Tevin Dantrell:

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