Urban Lit Review: Cash Only by Ty Nesha

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Today finds me thoroughly enthralled in the world of Cashmere Jones–the main protagonist in Author Ty Nesha’s novel CASH ONLY.  Cashmere Jones is a business woman on a mission, and that mission is money and revenge.

Cash Only reads like butter on toast–HOT!  It takes you on a ride with a vice grip and does not let up or let go.  And the characters are not cookie cutter street, and this is not a hoe with a heart of gold story.

When Cashmere Jones’ mother Meredith is murdered at a young age, from then on she vows revenge and makes up in her mind that nothing will stop her from rising to the top of the game and killing it’s star player for offing her mother so long ago.

The lines between money, power and respect become blurry for Cashmere when you factor in the fact that she may be in love with the man who murdered her mother and raised her up into the life she has become accustomed to.  So will she, can she and how does she succeed?  Is revenge the only thing left to savor in life when you’ve lost your innocence?  No spoilers.  You must read CASH ONLY to find out.

I am loving this book.  From the beginning, you understand the characters motivation and psychology.  The author really took her time developing each of these characters, and placing them in a fictional world where money, and power, and flesh fantasies are at the fingertips of those who are hungry enough for it.


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