Marvel’s Black Panther: to see it or not to see it


It is 2018.    This year is going to be overflowing with movies with concepts that frankly a person like me has been dying to see.

We have already had the latest Star Wars film (The Last Jedi) come into fruition and it has successfully blown audiences away.  (Far, far away, but I’ll get to that later).

Right now, there is a disturbance in the Twitterverse, and it is dealing with one of the stars of the of Marvel’s heavily anticipated film, “Black Panther”.  Now reader, I love Black Twitter.

I love when a million of us can get together (sometimes) on one accord and slay all the BS with the truth.  I love it.   But, with great power comes great responsibility.

Black Panther is the movie young black boys and girls need to see. It’s the film Black America has been craving.   For a long time we’ve have either been either, the victim, the sidekick, the magical negro, or the criminal.  And for every two white faces you might see in a blockbuster film, there would only be one of us.

Black Panther is different.  The main character (T’Challa) is a king, a warrior, and a superhero.  Now, let’s look back at the original Star Wars trilogy.  (I came up in the 1980s, sue me.)  There were almost no black men or women represented on screen in a positive light, with the exception of Lando Calrissian, (played by Billie Dee Williams) who was a smuggler who betrayed Han Solo and the rebels to the Empire.  He later redeems himself by joining the rebellion, but that is neither here nor there.

I used ask my dad why weren’t there any black people in space.  Why were all my superheroes white except for Storm from the X-Men or Black Lightening from the Justice League?

Any way back to Black Twitter, and the “controversy”.

One of the actors in “Black Panther” is Micheal B Jordan.  Best known for his role in the movie “Creed”, Micheal B Jordan is rumored to be in a interracial relationship.   There have been calls to boycott the film on Twitter because of this.  (I’ve read the posts.  I’m not posting them here.)

Now, Micheal B Jordan is a fine black man and a fine black actor.  It is unreasonable and (in my opinion) flat out dumb, to brush a whole film aside with this much star power and potential because he may or may not be dating a Becky.

Micheal B Jordan has gone through this before, when he played the Human Torch in the  2015 film version of the Fantastic Four (another Marvel Film).  Only most of the complaints came from white fans of the Fantastic Four because traditionally the Human Torch is white in the films and comic books.

Look, I get it.  These are fictional characters.  We hold onto them like we hold each others hands.  I get it.  People wanted to riot because Idris Elba was in Thor playing a Norse God.  I get it.  They are “yours” and POC can’t have them, is what “they”were saying.

I get it.

Look readers, I am not quick to jump on bandwagons.  But, I have to point out that the last time Black Twitter got involved with film choices of POC everybody went and saw DJANGO but no one went to see THE BIRTH OF A NATION.

Actors are storytellers.  Their eyes, their voices, their flesh tells a story.  That’s it, That’s all.  Fictional or Non fictional.  It’s a job.

What a grown man does in his own house is his own business.  The movie “Black Panther” hasn’t even come out yet, but already it looks stunning.  I think that it is wrong to pitch a hissy fit over the choices of an actor off camera.  And furthermore, it is just too important visually to not be seen because of one man’s choices.


We need more black actors, more black characters for them to play, and more realistic & fantastic stories to be told and could be told by People of Color in front of and behind the camera.  For Goodness Sakes, see the movie.  Give the director, and the entire cast a chance.  Give Micheal B Jordan a break too.  I think he’s earned it.

Just my opinion.








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