What are you reading?





Rudy Francisco is a well known poet in the Spoken Word scene.  I had grown fond of his YouTube performance videos on various platforms like Button Poetry.  I think he should have been famous before his appearance on the Tonight Show.  (Most likely he was/still is, I just don’t care about those things).

Today, I purchased his book and in honor of April being National Poetry Month I am going to be reading it.

The book is called Helium.  I wouldn’t call this light reading.  Rudy Francisco’s performances are always touching, humorous, relevant and soulfully honest.  He is an excellent poet with a BA in Psychology and an MA in Organizational studies.  He is positive influence on me already, and I don’t even know him personally.

My favorite poem by this poet is called SCARS, and I was delighted to see that poem in the table of contents for Helium.  I feel like I lived these lines before.

Anyway, if you happen to see HELIUM at your local bookstore, and you need to read something that makes you feel and think (which is rare), give the words of Rudy Francisco a try. I did.

And I look forward to not being disappointed.

That’s what I’m reading.  What are you reading?



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