So what am I reading?

Hello readers.  It’s me again.

So what am I reading this time?

Well, the town (North Chicago, IL) and its surrounding municipalities in Lake County has been buzzing with news for quiet a while about this homegrown and hood raised brother’s latest offering.   Of course, I had to fall in line and find out for myself what the buzz is about.

THERE IS GOLD IN YOUR GOAL is the latest nonfiction work by Lewis Draz Ashbury Sr., owner of graphic design and print company Draz Creative Marketing, LLC.

This is not your typical self-help book full of promises, pitches and delusions of getting rich quick.   If I were to categorize this work, I would call it a get up and help yourself book.  There is no real way to get money other than earning it.  But reader, I will admit, making money and making that money work for me is something I have not excelled at in this life.

Not yet, but anyway.

Ashbury’s book serves as a guide that doesn’t talk down to reader.  For one, he has been there; he has started from the bottom with a business that took him 15 years to grow from the ground up.

The author cuts through the fluff and speaks to his readers in plain English about how to achieve your own goals.  He even speaks candidly about his failures, which to this lay person, is refreshing and humbling.

Furthermore, for a book that is only 40 pages long, it certainly was worth the read and realistically, as time goes on, I will be picking it up again.  And again.

Click here:

There is GOLD in your Goal

The book is also available on




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