Music from the Web

Readers on August 15th, UWMagazine sent out it’s first call for submissions for the music page.  And I have to tell you all, I am swamped with a lot of great sounds and that has made me very cheerful.

The call was for hip hop, spoken word, and/or R&B.  I didn’t get any spoken word, but I did get some original work from artists all around the internet that I had never heard before.  Radio worthy music.   Fantastic sounds.

First up is Chef Dee’s single “Figured it Out” sounds like a daydream in the rain.  The song is about rising above negative circumstances.  Makes me proud that I love hip hop.  I played it on repeat, and felt like the song uplifted me.   Follow Chef Dee on Twitter.  Check out his song, “Figured it Out”  right here:


Next up, AhmniMay and their EP now available  on iTunes Love Still.   The EP includes 5  groovy love jams.   My favorites out the 5 were “Can’t Wait” and “On my Way”.   AhmniMay has a sound that reminiscent of the 1990s with a modern day edge.  The vocals are unmistakably clear, and at the end of everything I just wanted to dance.

Check out Love Still by AhmniMay on iTunes by clicking right here.  And follow AhmniMay on Twitter.


Lastly, the Los Angeles duo Eso Tre and Subz known as Substance Abuse.

Substance Abuse sent me a link to their music video for their single “Bridges”   featuring  Aceyalone via  Their goal with this track was “to create something in the style of their heroes the Native Tongues; a track that was, jazzy, positive and upbeat with a message modern people could relate to.”

And I can relate to the message in “Bridges”.   I have to note that this style is not a sound that I am used to when listening to mainstream hip hop from the West Coast.   But, none the less, a dope emcee is a dope emcee.  I think we can all agree that Substance Abuse has something special going on.  Watch the video and listen for yourselves.  Follow Substance Abuse on twitter.





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