King Holiday 2019

mlkFor me, the holiday celebrating the life of  the Reverend Dr Martin Luther King, Jr has always been about reflection.  We look at the man, we look at his life, we remember and we try to apply the lessons of that life to our own.

Well, it’s 2019 and I don’t want to preach to the choir.   Martin Luther King, Jr would have turned 90 this year if a cowardly assassin’s bullet had not taken his life.  For someone who is touted with changing the world with nonviolent protest, I think the world would be a different place for people of color if he had been allowed to see his dream come into fruition.

So much blood under the bridge; so many people who would twist the memory of a man and his dream for their purpose.

But anyway.

It is hard for me to remember and not get upset.  Especially, this year, this minute.  Right now.  In 2019, life is a nightmare for a lot people.   The government has been shut down for almost a month.  That means, 800,000 government workers are not getting paid.  The working poor who rely on government resources such as WIC, and food stamps, could get cut off by the end of February.  Our President, Donald J Trump, won’t reopen the government until he gets a wall (that he promised Mexico would pay for) built across our southern border.

America is bipolar.  We have a lot of issues.  We have forgotten the man; we have forgotten the dream.  We have forgotten the reasons some of us can live the way we do today.  Life with MAGA hats and blinders on has some of y’all fooled into thinking that the bad part of the ‘good ol days’ is over.

I think that it is just beginning.

Americans in this country refuse to acknowledge their history in it’s entirety.  They refuse to form an opinion with their own minds, and would rather believe some rose colored lie about the USA.

And yes. This is still a vast, diverse, land full of history and triumphs, but today I need to remember and not forget that this is the same land that killed the Reverend Dr Martin Luther King for being the Reverend Dr Martin Luther King.  They planned, manipulated, and executed that wonderful man to kill his dream.  A dream that we have been beaten over the head with ever since.

A dream that some would use to further their own agenda.  A dream that meant equality for all, and tolerance for each individual.

Yes, I’m mad.  I’m angry at the whole world and disillusioned with our whole Democracy.  There is no Africa for me to go back to; that was another dream killed a long time ago.

So, what have I but home, and fear and a dwindling freedom that diminishes each every day.  Dr Martin Luther King, Jr would have been 90 years old.  And I ask you all, in the memory of that dream, what have we accomplished?  What are we becoming?

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